At St Augustine’s College, choral work is still beginning with such work occurring in the lead up to major College ceremonies, liturgies, community events and similar. Such choirs require consistent attendance and practice each week during the preparation time.

School choirs are a wonderful way to promote a sense of participation, confidence and friendship.  It is anticipated that as choirs grow and progress, students will build up a repertoire of songs they enjoy singing and will perform at various venues, such as public occasions and Aged Homes, etc.


Each year, students at St Augustine’s College have the opportunity of participating in the Queensland Debating Union (QDU) Round Robin Debating Competition.  This competition is for students in Years 8, 9, 10 & 11 and is designed to give everybody the opportunity to debate over 4 rounds.  Debating is a great experience. It not only provides students with the skills of writing and delivering effective and informed speeches, but it enhances self-confidence, allows students to work in teams, provides the opportunity of meeting students from other schools and most importantly, it is a FUN way of arguing a case!

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music is offered for students from Years 4 – 10 as an optional co-curricular activity through Music Corp. The program includes strings, percussion, keyboard and guitar. Our instrumental tutor provides weekly lessons and band practice each week.  Parents meet lesson costs and instrument purchase or hire.  Lessons are scheduled during class time or a rotating timetable, with band practice scheduled before school. The timetable for Instrumental Music will be notified when available.

New students and students not currently involved have the opportunity to join this program early in the new year.

Dance Ensemble and Dance Troupe

Students from Year 6 to year 12 are given the opportunity to participate in dance troupe or dance ensemble each year. Students are given the opportunity to audition for at the start of each year. Rehearsal times occur within school time although after school rehearsal may occur when leading up to a performance. Dance Troupe and dance ensemble have many opportunities to perform within the community at Eisteddfods, festivals and outside competitions.

Outside School Performances

Throughout the school year, classes across the college are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural experiences including Poetry Competitions, Dance Eisteddfods, Rock Eisteddfod and community festivals. The opportunity to participate in such events relates to other college activities throughout the year.​