Student Drivers and Passengers

All student drivers and passengers of student drivers are required to obtain permission from the College to drive to and park on College grounds.

The College is aware of the convenience and time and cost savings that can arise from driving. Equally, we are mindful of potential dangers to drivers, particularly young and inexperienced drivers, possible passengers and others that can arise. The College is obliged to adhere to measures mandated by Brisbane Catholic Education. These measures include that the College is aware of the students who are driving to and parking on College grounds and additionally, the passengers they are transporting.

Therefore, all student drivers and passengers of student drivers (including siblings) are required to complete a permission form signed by themselves and their parent/guardian. These permission forms outline the College‚Äôs expectations in this regard and also provide some information that must be read prior to permission being given (Appendix One).  The driver will then be issued with a laminated permission card, including the names of any passengers. This must be left in the car and shown to any staff member on request. Passengers will also be issued with a laminated card to show to staff on request.

If your son or daughter is considering driving to school or being a passenger of a student driver, please complete the appropriate form (attached).

Please return completed forms to Mrs Margaret Mills in the office. If you have any queries, please contact Jacqueline Weidman, Assistant Principal Student Wellbeing.


Student Car Driver-Passenger Permission.pdfStudent Car Driver-Passenger Permission.pdf

Appendix One - student driver and passengers.pdfAppendix One - student driver and passengers.pdf