Student Protection

​​​​​Dear Parent and Carers,

Your children and their safety and wellbeing are our priority. St Augustine’s College is committed to the protection of all our students from harm and abuse.  There have been some recent changes to legislation in relation to reporting of student protection matters by schools.  Please see St Augustine’s Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy. (Attached Below in Documents section for Download)

Reporting of Concerns – At St Augustine’s College any concerns or reasonable suspicions we have about a student’s safety and wellbeing or the behaviour of a staff member or volunteer which a student considers to be inappropriate, will continue to be managed in accordance with Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection Processes. All our staff recently undertook training on their reporting responsibilities.

Complaints Procedure - Brisbane Catholic Education has published a Complaints Procedure for Non-Compliance with BCE Student Protection Processes. Parents or students may make a complaint via the Record of Complaint about Non-compliance with Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection Processes. Forms and further information ​can be accessed on Brisbane Catholic Education’s public website by clicking here.   

We take all complaints very seriously and will handle them in accordance with the Complaints Procedure for Non-Compliance with BCE Student Protection Processes. Should you require information or assistance regarding the procedures you may contact the school on 3814 8300 ​

Before commencing a role as volunteer or other personnel within the College, you are required to read the Code of Conduct and complete relevant training. You can do this by clicking here.
After you complete this training, you will be able to download, print and fill out a Registration Form which should be returned to the College.

The Student Protection contacts at St Augustine’s College are:

Graham Meertens – Principal (​​)
Elizabeth Lee – Head of School EY, JY (
Andrea Merrett - Head of School SY (​)
Jacqueline Weidman – Assistant Principal (​)
Colin Lees – Guidance Counsellor (
Mary Kedwell –​ Guidance Counsellor (
Elise Candy - Guidance Counsellor (​)

Please note: the 2018 Student Protection Team Flyer will be available to download soon.
BCE Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy 2018.pdf
Student Protection Information for Familes.pdf