Statement of Values

​​​We seek to promote these values for our students, staff and parents:


Having a sense of the sacred and our relationship with God through an expression of prayer and community worship


Having respect for oneself and others fostering honesty, cooperation, courtesy, consideration and self esteem

Honesty and Compassion

Being true to God, to self and to others by being genuine, just, fair and trustworthy in whatever we do

Care and Compassion

Caring for self and others


Being accountable for one’s own actions, being able to resolve differences in constructive, non violent and peaceful ways, contributing to the community and taking care of the environment

Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion

Valuing difference, accepting diversity within a democratic society, being included and including others.

Social Justice

Being committed to the pursuit and protection of the rights of others and the common good

Personal Best

Challenging each person to excel and achieve his or her best personal potential in academic, spiritual, physical, artistic and relationship pursuits.​

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