Outdoor Education

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Outdoor Education / Camps for Specific Purposes

Recognising that learning is sometimes best facilitated with “hands on” experiences away from the more formal atmosphere of the classroom, outdoor education experiences are both encouraged and considered to be an integral part of the curriculum at St Augustine’s.

Such experiences, be they camps of shorter or longer duration, or excursions into the playground, local area or further afield, provide numerous opportunities to integrate the physical, social, spiritual, academic, emotional and artistic components of a balanced education.

Outdoor education experiences by their very nature are highly motivational, enjoyable and challenging. They also require careful planning with particular attention to safety, hygiene, cost, and integration in the curriculum. Staff are currently developing a comprehensive program of outdoor activities, including camps, for the College. Particular activities are outlined at various class parent teacher meetings early in the College year. The following chart outlines the sequencing of school camps:

Level Nature of Camp Timing

Junior Years [Yrs 3 – 5] 3 day camp with introduction to outdoor skills including canoeing Annually in third term
Middle Years [Yrs 6 – 9] 3 day camp with focus on higher level Outdoor skills Year 6 or 7 annually and Yr 8 and 9 annually
Senior Years [Yr 10] Significant experience for one week with choices for students Annually in term 4
Senior Years [Yr 11]  3 day Leadership and Service camp Early 4th term
Senior Years [Yr 12] 3 day Retreat Experience  Term 3