At Home Learning

​​The Queensland Premier has declared that schools will remain open for the first 5 weeks of Term 2, only for children of essential workers or vulnerable children. All other children should stay at home and engage in remote learning, using online resources our staff have been working hard to provide.

Do I Send My Child/ren To School?

​If your child/ren falls into the following categories, please email us with more information:​ 

  • Children of essential workers on days when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. Essential worker means any worker who must continue to attend their workplace for essential business during this time. 

  • Vulnerable children. Vulnerable children include children identified by schools as vulnerable (i.e. at risk) or who:

    • are currently ​​​​​​​​receiving services from Child Safety, including children who are subject to a child protection order,

    • are subject to a youth justice order.          

Please email us with your full name, your child/ren's full name and home group, what day/s they are expected to attend school and what your role is as an essential worker.

How Will My Child/ren Learn At Home?

​We have communicated to all parents and caregivers the ways in which at home learning will be carried out across Prep-Year 12. Staff have been working hard to create schedules, learning outlines, resources and support for parents. ​Below is an overview of how students and parents are being supported whilst remote learning:

Prep-Year 4

Our Early & Junior Years Team have been proactive creating learning schedules, outlines and uploading content to a designated "At Home Learning" section in the Parent Portal since Term 1. With guidance by a designated Head of School and Primary Learning Leader, our teachers have been preparing for remote learning delivery and have been regularly liaising with parents to ensure they feel supported. The At Home Learning Schedule includes a recommended daily schedule, activities able to be completed online or with a parent/carer offline, login information and access to apps like Seesaw or learning websites, and blogs for parents. Content is easily accessible​ with clear subject areas and specialist content from our librarian teachers, music and literacy teachers and more.​ 

Year 5

​In addition to the above resources, Year 5 students have access to the class sites via the Student Portal. This Portal includes access to Microsoft programs and a class site - a virtual classroom where students can easily collaborate with their teachers, be assigned tasks and submit work. 

Year 6-12

Our Middle and Senior Year students are supported by staff with guidance by Pastoral Leader staff for each cohort and a dedicated Head of School for each precinct. Due to our 1:1 MacBook Program, students already had access to their own College-issued MacBook to complete work, with technical support by our dedicated ICLT Hub. This means all students are using the same operating system with equal access to resources. Students are utilising a combination of self-directed learning and guided learning, with support by a parent/caregiver, and/or their teachers who communicate with them via email, class sites or Microsoft programs like Teams and OneNote. Students use the Student Portal to receive work, submit work and collaborate with their peers. 

Resources for Parents/Caregivers

​We understand this is a stressful time for parents and caregivers. We are regularly in contact with our families so they are reassured that they are supported and they are not alone. We also provide regualr updates and information, in addition to technical support. ​Parent can contact the College office Monday-Friday (during term-time), 8.00am-3.30pm where they will be connected with the right person to help. They can also email the College directly:​ 


​As a Brisbane Catholic Education College, we have access to SchoolTV - an online resource with videos and articles to provide parents with credible strategies and realistic advice on a variety of issues including: remote learning, discussing COVID-19 with children, mental health and more.

Access SchoolTV here:

Staff Communication

​Parents and carers also have access to a directory on the Parent Portal, with all staff emails available. This is the best way to contact staff who are busy teaching or preparing resources during school hours. Older students engaged in self-directed learning should also be encouraged to contact their teacher directly.