College Life

​Since opening in January 2003, St Augustine's College has continued to provide inclusive, high ​quality Catholic education, serving the Greater Springfield area and adjacent suburbs.

St Augustine's College has grown in stature and reputation, having created a strong educational community for children and young people from six weeks (residing in Outside Hours School Care and Long-Day Care) to eighteen years in a genuine P - 12 College. Founded in the Augustinian tradition around central values of Community, Love and Truth, this community has placed high priority on Learning and Teaching. St Augustine's College is an early adopter of the new Australian Curriculum, and has a comprehensive ICLT plan, with a 1:1 Laptop program in place for all students from Years 8 - 12.

Students' wellbeing is the foundation of building healthy relationships and nurturing families who welcome the opportunity to have all of their school aged children in one familiar setting. St Augustine's College offers multiple pathways for students to choose, including catering those who wish to seek a University education, ​enter a trade and early entry into the workforce. The College also provides a full range of educational opportunities in the formal and co-curricular educational program. Students can partake in numerous sporting, cultural, social justice, outdoor education and leadership opportunities, led by staff who have a genuine interest in the development of young people.

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