Home-College Communication

Appointments with Staff

Parents are encouraged to maintain regular contact with class/home group teachers. It is preferable to make an appointment to see staff who may be contacted via the office on Ph: 3814 8300 or individual email addresses made available at the beginning of each year. If staff are unavailable to speak with you, please leave a message and the teacher will endeavour to return your call as soon as possible. Alternatively, notes may be written in the Student Planner.

Student Planner

All students from P – 12 are issued with a St Augustine’s College Student Planner early in the school year. There are separate planners for Early and Junior Years and Middle and Senior Years. The Planner serves two purposes. Students use it to record their homework and assessment tasks and any other messages for the day. Secondly, it is a means for teachers and parents to communicate with each other as necessary. Teachers explain the use of the Planner in more depth at parent information meetings early in the year. The Planner contains several pages of useful information for parents and students, including uniform requirements.

Information and Permission Notes

On many occasions during your child’s schooling, there will be opportunities for excursions away from the College. A school excursion or camp is a learning experience designed to motivate students and provide first-hand experiences which could not otherwise be provided in the classroom or on campus. School excursions and camps are an important part of our curriculum and are regarded as compulsory. Appropriately planned and supervised camps and excursions assist greatly in the students’ understanding of the community in which they live. Information and consent forms will be placed on the website for easy access by parents and carers.


The College website, www.stac.qld.edu.au is recommended for regular visits. The website hosts a range of information items about StAC, and its content and services are evolving continually.