2021 QISSRL & QISSN Carnivals

In June 2021, St Augustine's College will field our Rugby League Team in the prestigious Confraternity Shield Rugby League tournament, and our Senior Netball Team in the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball (QISSN) tournament to be held in Lindum. 

The 2021 campaign of training, preparation and securing of support for these important events is now well underway. While St Augustine's College is relatively new to these competitions, which are regarded as the best of their type in the state, we have been able to establish a very professional presence and spirited participation in both week-long competitions. Participation in competitions of this standard is a wonderful opportunity for our students to develop their skills and sportsmanship.​

Our continued successful participation in these events will be the result of our dedicated players, coaches, managers and support staff, and the generous support of our sponsors. The reality for our community is that if it were not for the financial support of our sponsors, a number of talented sportspeople would not be able to participate.​ ​

Thank you to our Major Team Sponsors for 2021. We couldn't do it without you.​

Gibson Architects

Gibson Architect Logo.png

​​Guzman y Gomez​ - Augustine Heights, Orion Springfield & Richlands (Coming Soon)

Guzman y Gomez.png

The ​Athlete's Foot - Springfield

Athlete's Foot Logo.png 

How Can I Help?

If you are interested in becoming a team sponsor, you can:

  • ​ Visit our College office and ask to speak to our Marketing Officer
  • Call: (07) 3814 8300 Attn: Marketing & Communications or 
  • Email for more information & for a copy of our Sponsorship Form: ssprmediacomms@bne.catholic.edu.au​

We would love to hear from you!