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About the Bloxsidge Centre

The Bloxsidge Centre is St Augustine's College's Resource Centre. It houses a wide range of resources which students and staff from Prep to Year 12 are able to borrow. Fiction, non-fiction, reference materials, magazines, journals, posters, CD's, DVD's and audio books are all available to be borrowed by staff and students. Students and parents are encouraged to visit the Bloxsidge Centre, meet the staff and access the wide variety of resources on offer.


The Bloxsidge Centre Staff aim to provide a supportive environment which encourages students to be lifelong learners. Staff members are available to assist students with database searches, developing research skills, providing recommendations of books to read and assistance with locating resources of choice.

The Bloxsidge Centre is staffed by three Teacher Librarians; Mrs O'Bryan, Mrs Turner and Mrs Savatovic. Three Library Aides, Mrs Norman, Mrs Lynn and Mrs Mamo also assist in the library.
Parent helpers also provide invaluable assistance and are warmly welcomed and encouraged to assist in a variety of ways.​

Opening Hours

The Bloxsidge Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8:15am to 3.20pm.
Students are welcome to visit during these times. Students can visit in class groups, small groups or individually for either research or recreational activities. During lunch times the Bloxsidge Centre is open for students from Year 1 to Year 12 for borrowing. Students can also come into the centre during lunch times to play board games, use computers, participate in reading groups or gain assistance with research skills.

The Bloxsidge Centre is also open on Monday and Thursday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm for Success Plus. All Middle and Senior Years students are welcome to attend to get extra support for their homework and assignment tasks. There will be a tutor and teaching staff available to answer any questions.​

Borrowing Times

Classes from Prep to Year 7 have a specialised literacy or research lesson by a qualified Teacher-Librarian once a week. During this lesson students are given time to borrow books. Students from Year 8 to 12 can borrow resources in their own time. The Teacher Librarian works in collaboration with the Senior Years Teachers to provide opportunities to enhance student research and information finding skills.​

Borrowing Rules

Books can be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time. If students wish to keep their books for longer then they need to bring the book back to the Bloxsidge Centre and renew the item.

Grade levels can borrow the following books:

  • Prep:  2 Books
  • Year 1 - 5:  4 Books
  • Year 6 - 12:  6 Books​

Text Hire

Year 8-12 will also have Text Hire Resources which don't impact on normal borrowing. Text Hire novels need to be returned at the end of the Term. Text Hire Text Books need to be returned at the end of the year before students finish school.

To access the Bloxsidge Centre Cataloguing system to find a book please click on the link below: