​Information Communication and Learning Technology (ICLT) in the Curriculum

The use of ICLT’s by teachers and students of St Augustine’s College supports and enhances the achievement of education goals across the P - ​12 curriculum. ICLT’s are recognised as a tool for learning and not an end in themselves. Mastery of any tool requires the development of skills. At St Augustine’s College, ICT skills are developed in the context of curriculum related to learning situations and not in isolation. The introduction of the MacBook program has seen a rollout of laptops from Year 7 onwards.

Computer access is continually increasing and being updated in line with cu​rrent grants and college vision. All computers are linked to the network. Internet access is available via the Brisbane Catholic Education network. Direct access to the web is controlled. As part of students’ training in responsible internet use, students and parents are asked to discuss and accept certain acceptable use parameters.

Please refer to the BCE Policies section​ of this website for the Acceptable Use Policy