​​​​​​The Tuckshop at St Augustine's College is set up as walk-through cafeteria style with the option to pre-order & pay online, pay using funds pre-loaded onto student ID cards, or pay using cash/EFTPOS during morning tea and lunch. 

The menu and other items sold at the Tuckshop reflect a healthy approach to eating and are based on recognised nutrition guidelines. This approach is also consistent with the aspects of the Health and Physical Education Program which deal with healthy living and wellness. 

To ensure that high quality and nutritious food is available at affordable prices, the Tuckshop relies on the help of volunteers. We encourage parents to volunteer with shift hours eligible to go towards PPP hours.

Early & Junior Years (Prep-Year 5)

​Orders can be made online via Monitor​ and food will be delivered to the student's class. A paper bag system is not used so this is the most efficient method.

Middle & Senior Years (Year 6-12)

Students can purchase directly from the Tuckshop or use Monitor to pre-order​. Monitor orders can be picked up from the Tuckshop.

If you are experiencing any technical issues with Monitor, you can:

Contact them directly on 1800 940 804 or 

Submit a web form here or troubleshoot using the Help Index here​.

Tuckshop Contact

If you have any questions regarding the menu and orders, please contact the Tuckshop on (07) 3814 8305.
The Tuckshop is open Monday - Friday during Term time, 7:30am - 2:30pm.​​

Tuckshop Menu​
Tuckshop Menu Term 2 2024.pdf

The Tuckshop is open Monday-Friday during term time for first and second break.​​​