College Song

​​Together in Heart and Mind​​​

Lyrics by StAC Staff and music ny Michael Mangan, Litmus Productions, 2003

We come to search for love and​ truth,

To live our lives in peace.

Promising to do our best each day.

We gather here to celebrate,

We gather here to pray.

We see the face of Jesus,

In those who share our way 


Together in heart​, together in mind.

Together we'll search, harmony we'll find.

We journey on and reach out for the stars.

Together in heart, together in mind,

We're standing side by side,

We're proud of who we are

Stand up! St Augustine's

Be together in heart and mind. 

We care for all creation,

We care for everyone.

We're confident and hold our heads up high.

If we're down we get back up,

“I Can do it!” is our cry.

We share the gifts we're given,

We let our colours shine. 


We celebrate our difference,

We welcome everyone,

STACS of spirit,

STACS of fun.

Though many we are one.


© Brisbane Catholic Education, St Augustine’s College (2003)