The Curriculum includes everything, formal and informal, inside and outside the classroom, that a student experiences at St Augustine's. The curriculum consists of knowledge, thinking processes, skills and attitudes. The contribution of St Augustine's to each student's process of Lifelong Learning is planned, sequenced and seamless throughout the four developmental stages of learning at the College. Outlined below is a brief overview of the College approach to the Curriculum. More specific information can be found in the curriculum section of this website, in each of the four stage handbooks available at the office, and from information meetings staff conduct from time to time for parents about aspects of the Curriculum.

Learning Framework

Central to planning the Curriculum for St Augustine's is the Brisbane Catholic Education Learning Framework, which has established the Roles of Lifelong Learners as the focus of learning.

The Learning Framework describes Roles for Lifelong Learners as the following:

  • Community Contributor as a person who relates to others in a peaceful way and actively works with others to improve the quality of community life.
  • Leader and Collaborator as a person develops leadership and cooperative skills to contribute positively to the accomplishment of team goals.
  • Effective Communicator as a person who communicates effectively in a range of written, spoken and visual texts to convey information for a variety of purposes.
  • Quality Producer as a person who creates products that achieve their purpose and are appropriate for their intended audience.
  • Designer and Creator as a person who generates ideas, designs or information with resourcefulness, imagination, insight, originality and a risk-taking approach.
  • Active Investigator as a person who who is able to locate, organize and interpret information from a range of sources.