Daily Routine

​​Class Attendance System

Students are to arrive at school in time for Home Group/Roll Call which begins at 8:35am. Rolls are electronically collated and absentees recorded. Students who are late to school must report to Student Reception to swipe their ID cards before going to class.

SMS text messages are sent to parents/carers if student absenteeism or late arrival has not been advised.

Attendance Matters Posters StAC.pdf

Absence from School & Punctuality

The College takes very seriously the monitoring and tracking of students who are absent from school for any reason. 

If students are going to be absent for any reason, we require parents to inform the College by phoning the College or using the Parent Portal/BCE Connect App to report absences. For older students, especially when assessment tasks have been missed or special consideration may be required, a medical certificate needs to be provided for filing.

Bicycles & Scooters

Students may ride bicycles and scooters to/from school at parent’s discretion. Given the heavy traffic in the local area, we do not recommend that younger children ride bicycles and scooters to school. Children must wear a protective helmet when riding their bicycles. Bicycles and scooters should be wheeled in and out of the grounds and securely stored in a bicycle rack adjacent to the Administration Building.

School Crossings

We highly recommend the use of the designated school crossing on St Augustine’s Drive when crossing from Augustine Heights.

A pedestrian operated crossing is located adjacent to the College on Augusta Parkway, enhancing the safety of cyclists and pedestrians crossing from the Brookwater residential area.

Emergency Procedures

The College has developed a comprehensive range of emergency plans including an Evacuation Procedure, Bushfire Alert and Lock Down procedure. Students are introduced to these procedures and will periodically participate in drills to develop confidence with them. All parents who may be on site at the College in the event of an emergency procedure – real or practice - are bound to participate in the procedure. In general, all evacuations will involve students, staff and visitors exiting an orderly fashion to set places on the ovals within the grounds where rolls and staff and visitor records will be checked.

Music - not Bells

We play a variety of music over the school public address system to signal the start of school and end of break times. At this time students should cease activities and move to their next activity.

Supervision Before and After School

It is strongly recommended that students arrive no earlier than 8.10am unless they are attending a supervised sport, music or dance practice. Until this time, there is no supervision provided by our staff. Students from P-7 who do arrive before 8.10am, should be enrolled and go to OSHC where there is safe and quality care provided. After 8.10am, students must assemble and wait outside their classrooms for their teacher, or other places as advised by their teacher. Middle and Senior Years students may wait in their precinct or visit the Bloxsidge Centre (library).

In the afternoon, students who are travelling home by bus should go directly to the appropriate bus waiting area. Students who are being collected by car must assemble in the designated area until the arrival of their parent or designated driver. Students will then be directed to the pick-up zone. Staff will supervise the collection of all students in the afternoon until 3.20pm. Any student still not collected by 3.25pm will be required to wait outside the Administration Block until collected. Students from P-7 who are regularly late being collected will be instructed to attend Outside School Hours Care.

Valuables & Money

The College strongly advises that students leave their valuables (e.g. mobile phones, digital hand held games, expensive toys, items of sentimental value etc.) at home. This prevents loss, stealing and damage to expensive items. Students should not carry a large amount of money around with them for the same reasons.

Wet Weather or Extreme Temperature Procedure

School hours are not altered due to wet weather or extreme temperature. Arrangements are made within the school to accommodate students in the morning tea and lunch periods. Should circumstances necessitate, students may wear sports uniform instead of formal during extremely hot days and this will be communicated to parents.​

Drop Off / Collection of Students (between 2:45pm and 3:30pm)

JY/MY/SY Pick Up Zone

The lower undercover area and car park is used for the pick up of Junior, Middle and Senior Years students. The area previously utilised for student pick up which was directly in front of the administration building is no longer to be used for this purpose.

To ensure safe collection of students cars enter via the first entrance in St Augustine’s Drive and drive through to the roundabout before queuing for collection of students from the parking bays directly in front of the undercover area. After pick up, cars may exit via the same entrance (following the arrows) or, if required, follow the arrows through to the upper car park if needing to collect Early Years students.

EY Pick Up Zone

Early Years students have a separate pick up zone. This is located in the upper car park (original car park nearest the administration building). The 4 kerbside bays closest to Early Years will now be used for this purpose. Those collecting EY students are asked to queue as previously, entering via the second entrance to the college. This pick up zone allows students to wait in the shelter area at the top of the steps close to the collection bays.

Morning drop off can occur across all zones.

Early Collection from School

Students from Early Years and Junior Years must be accompanied by an adult when leaving the grounds during school hours. If a carer not known to College staff is going to collect a student during school hours, parents need to alert staff beforehand either in writing or via email that another person will be collecting their son/daughter.

Students must swipe their ID card at Student Reception when leaving the College grounds.

ID Cards

All students are issued with a College ID Card. At the beginning of each year, students new to the College are issued with ID cards. ID cards for Early and Junior Years are stored in the Resource Centre. Older students carry their personal ID card and use the card for borrowing rights at the Bloxsidge Centre as well as other purposes (e.g. transport concessions, some discounts) outside school. ID cards are also used to swipe in at Student Reception if arriving late to school as well as when students leave before the end of the school day.

Lost Property

Parents are strongly urged to clearly mark every item of your child’s uniform and belongings so that lost property can be reclaimed or returned promptly. Items of lost clothing are stored inside the Student Entry to the Office in the Administration Block.

Local Bus Services

Westside Bus Service and Park Ridge Transit run a number of services for St Augustine’s College students. These bus routes will vary each year according to demand. For more information please call Westside Buses on 3288 1333 and Park Ridge Transit on 3802 1233 early in the new year. All services operate under the Queensland Transport Translink program which entitles students to a very considerable subsidy. Application information for this subsidy are available from the Student Registrar who handles all bus enquiries. All bus travellers are covered by the Queensland Government “Code of Conduct For Bus Travel”. The code sets out clear expectations, and there are significant penalties for unsafe and inappropriate behaviour.

Find updated routes as of Term 3 2021 here. 

Non State Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NSSTAS) 

Student travel rebate applications are only open in May for Semester 1 and October for Semester 2. Please visit the School Transport website first to check if you are eligible.​


Smoke-Free Environment

All Brisbane Catholic Education Colleges and schools, including St Augustine’s, are Smoke Free Zones. In line with various legislative requirements and especially the College’s teaching about and commitment to healthy living, the entire site is a smoke-free zone for all persons.

Adult persons who do wish to smoke ​are requested and required to go at least as far as surrounding footpaths to do so.