​Before commencing a role as a  volunteer or other personnel within the College, you are required to complete the relevant online Student Protection Training. This can be accessed via the BCE Policies section of this website.  

​Volunteers play an important part in supporting many of the activities we provide at the College.  This includes any work conducted at the College or College events such as classroom helpers, Tuckshop/Uniform Shop/Bloxsidge Centre shifts, P & F BBQs, Carnivals, Musicals etc.​

While we don't wish to make it difficult for volunteers to support these activities, it is also important that we have clear processes around the identification of all visitors to our College and that we are compliant with the legislation around Student Protection and the Workplace Health and Safety Act. 

Signing In/Signing Out Process

On your arrival at the College and before going to your place of volunteering; all volunteers must:

  • sign in at the Main Reception of the Adm​inistration building on your arrival to the College, and

  • sign out at the Main Reception of the Administration building on your departure from the College.

Upon signing in at the College, volunteers will receive a Visitors' Pass, which must be worn for the entirety of your time at the College. The Visitors' Pass​ is to be returned upon signing out of the College.​

​​​Positive Notice Blue Card

Protection of children and young people is a high priority for us here at St Augustine’s College. The  Queensland Family and Child Commission require that all adults in paid or volunteer work with children undergo employment screening and become holders of a current Positive Notice Blue ​Card; with the exception of parents and immediate caregivers with current students at St Augustine’s College. Please see the following links for further information about Positive Notice Blue Cards.

How Do I Apply?​

Queensland Government Blue Card Information for Volunteers

Queensland Government Blue Card Information for Volunteers - How do I apply ?

St Augustine’s College Blue Card Application​ ​​