National Tree Day Prep Social & BBQ



On Friday 30 July 2021, 60 Prep families enjoyed an afternoon together, with Prep students planting their very own tree on the St Augustine's College oval. This was part of Schools National Tree Day, proudly made possible by Llewellyn Toyota Ipswich. 

60 holes were ready for planting, with our little Preps, joined by their parents and siblings, getting down in the dirt to plant a tree sapling, donated by the Ipswich City Council. Preps got their own National Tree Day hat & gloves, with Llewellyn Toyota also bringing along 2 Hybrid vehicles to talk about renewable energy & goodie bags with fun activity information sheets on how we can better look after our environment. 

This event was a fantastic way for our Prep families to get to know each other, with COVID not giving our newest families much opportunity to connect. Made even better with a sausage sizzle & drinks, thanks to the work of our amazing Parents & Friends Association including the Hanlon, Steiner, Ferguson & Keefer families - they served over 240 sausages on bread over the course of 2 hours! 

Principal Meertens remarked on the fantastic attendance and thanks by our families for making this event possible.

Special thanks also to Purple Bunny Marketing & Planet Ark - we now have 60 trees growing on our campus alongside our Preps! A great way to put Pope Francis' Laudato si'​ into action.

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