NAPLAN Success

​Timothy Fox is a Year 3 student who undertook the NAPLAN Test in 2019 and attained the highest score in Queensland for spelling! This is a fantastic achievement and speaking with Timothy, it is quite clear he has an advanced vocabulary and immense love of reading. We asked Timo​thy what he thinks helps him with spelling: 

“Most days when I get home from school, I do my chores then start reading straight away. I love all books but mainly fantasy, thriller or horror.”

It is clear this love of reading is nurtured by his family who are very proud of Timothy’s achievement.

“My mum read all the Harry Potter books to me and now I mainly read by myself, but sometimes I will go into my older brother’s room and we will read together. He reads his own book, but I sneak a peek sometimes.”  he says with a cheeky smile.

Overall, spelling and writing at St Augustine’s College is a clear strength with all year levels achieving above the QLD average, on average up to 10 points higher for spelling. 

Katrina Bartholomew, Assistant Principal of Curriculum, was very excited to share the news of our students’ success:

“In addition to Timothy’s exciting news, we are also very proud of our Year 9 cohort that achieved above the Queensland Average in all areas, and above the Australian Average in 4 out of 5 areas. These are the best results the College have had for this cohort and they should be proud of their achievements.”

Above: Assistant Principal of Curriculum Katrina Bartholomew with Timothy Fox.