Salaka Drumming Incursion

African Drumming Year 3 & 4.JPG

Our Year 3 & 4 cohorts enjoyed an interactive drumming incursion thanks to the Salaka Ensemble aka African Beat - a touring group from Ghana. Students loved getting to try the African Drums, learning about the culture as part of their Music Unit.

The Salaka Ensemble of Ghana was formed by Master Drummer Tuza in Nungua, Ghana in the mid-1990’s and the name Salaka means “Sharing”. As Ghana is becoming more Western, there is a danger that the beautiful rhythms and dances, so important to African music and cultural heritage, may be lost. In order to preserve this rich heritage, Tuza devoted his energy over many years to Salaka, gaining international  recognition.

Salaka Drumming is Salaka’s annual tour to Australia. Each year since 2008, 3 members of the group travel to Australia, spending around 5 months touring the country. They are passionate about sharing their culture with Australians, learning more about the Australian culture and supporting their families back in Ghana with proceeds from the tour.

Such a fantastic and immersive way to learn!

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