World MS Day 2024: 'My MS Diagnosis' - "Navigating MS Together"

​May 30th, is World MS Day, a moment for the global MS community to come together to share stories, raise awareness and campaign with everyone affected by multiple sclerosis (MS). The theme for World MS Day 2024-2025 is diagnosis, and the name of the campaign is My MS Diagnosis with the tagline: Navigating MS Together.

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The campaign advocates for early and accurate diagnosis for everyone living with MS, with the aim of building informed, caring communities and systems that support people diagnosed with MS, together.

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Once again, our very own Carmel Charlesworth, who was diagnosed with MS in 2021, continues to inspire us in amazing ways. This morning, Carmel prepared a simple and special staff morning tea to help raise funds for MS Australia. Through her advocacy, including co-authoring Amazon best-seller 'EXTRAORDINARY: Inspiring Stories of living and loving beyond the label', she was recently given the opportunity to share her journey as a guest on the latest episode of the official MS Australia podcast, the Raw Nerve.

You can listen to Episode 28 of the Raw Nerve podcast on the MS Australia Website or directly on Spotify.

Thank you to Carmel for your inspiring work within and beyond our community. Thank you to the staff who came out to support Carmel and MS Australia.

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