STEM Opportunities

​​​​Hitachi TM4000Plus Scanning Electron Microscope​ On Campus

We are very excited to have a world-class Scanning Electron Microscope on campus and available for use by students from Monday 9 March - Friday 13 March 2020. This industry-standard machine is offered for use by InspireSTEM Education through partnership with Hitachi (Japan), NewSpec and the University of Queensland. Used in real world applications including: checking oil quality for QANTAS, designing nano patches for vaccines, art restoration, fraud analysis, forensic sciences and more.

This experiential learning opportunity aims to inspire students that will get rare access to this nano-technology. It will be used during a variety of class time as well as being available during lunch time for anyone willing and eager to investigate the microscopic world.​


(Above: ​​Nicola Townsend (Lab Assistant), Mr Paul Neilson (Learning Enrichment Coordinator), ​Dr Bronwen Cribb​ (Hon. Senior ​Lecturer - UQ), Dr ​Candice Michelle ​Goodwin (​Outreach Manager - UQ)​​