Instrumental Music Program

​In 2021 St Augustine's College commenced a new Instrumental Music Program. This Instrumental Music Program consists of weekly 30-minute group lessons throughout the year with specialist Instrumental Music Teachers (a minimum of 8 lessons per term). 

From Term 2, students will form a Concert Band which will rehearse on Tuesday mornings before school - there is an expectation that students will be a part of this band if they are receiving instrumental lessons in the program.

Instruments that will be offered as part of this program:​
• Flute
• Clarinet
• Alto Saxophone
• Tenor Saxophone
• Trumpet
• Trombone
• Percussion – snare drum and glockenspiel (not drum kit lessons)
• Bass Guitar*
• Acoustic Guitar*
• Electric Guitar*
• Keyboard*
*only for existing Musicorp students.

The cost for these lessons is charged per student per term and includes instrument hire, music tutor book hire and the lesson cost. 

Although this program is not​ compulsory, some benefits of playing music and being part of a music program include increased fine motor skills, using both sides of the brain simultaneously and music helping students in other areas of their study. 

We look forward to our students improving their skills with our new Instrumental Music Program at St Augustine’s College.

If you have any queries about this program, please email: