Japanese From Prep

​St Au​gustine's College is excited to announce we now offer Japanese from Prep! ​

Learning another language has been proven to be beneficial, especially for young, developing minds. Some cognitive ​positives include:

  • Enhanced Problem Solving Skills.
  • Improved Verbal and Spatial Abilities.
  • Improved Memory Function (long & short-term).
  • Enhanced Creative Thinking Capacity.
  • Better Memory.
  • More Flexible and Creative Thinking.
  • Improved Understanding of Different Cultures.​​
  • Enhanced Multi-tasking Skills.​
  • Improved Decision-Making., and
  • Better Networking and Career Opportunities.
Check out this fun Word of the Week with Sensei Nakanishi & Sensei Snook.

Japanese Lessons occur during school hours as part of students' timetables with no additional cost. To find out more, email: psspringfield@bne.catholic.edu.au​

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